Ladies and gentlemen is been a while i ahve some news with the new feature now i can make pictures and links on the top of the website,
so not only every-time you load the website in place of the website, the picture like banner on the top will be random also the random pictures will be linked to the picture you are watching like the "DIVAPANDA" stream twitch channel, as well "S-Config" professional blogging site.

In the future i want to make more places and as well in the future the will be contest who can be on the that random banner

also there are many things i won't promote anyone discord server here is the place to contact people discord also does that and the communities is also as big as can be jsut by other links like streams and actual websites like "Just Furry".
this is getting good
Posted on 02 Nov 2019 by
Today i spent the day working on something very cool, I fixed a major error on the website it was the links and NEWS page.
I fixed the titles and some things today, I know wasen't much ant dosen't like much but i fixed a major error witht the links it will cahnge the links on the page that you were on but is fixed at least "HOME" and "NEWS" page, I will continue to fix more cosmetic stuff.

A big thing I said over the weeks I will put your name a nd website or twitch or youtube on my channel because the support people...furries have given to me ...thank you
I will work these pages more now that i have patreon, bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube.
another update i want to do is a page for the page for images done by you on
Posted on 26 Jun 2019 by
After waiting for so long, this is the moment to break to you finnally we are doing some progress. Here i see that the texxt is wrong the first thing is the color is black on something is already dark tone background second is the font also the size, many things are wrong but now I have news and blog for my website. Now people can write stuff here comments and maybe we can make and many things Progress on the website, is coming up
Posted on 14 Jun 2019 by
Today i managed to make a biug update on the site we managed to add Cute News this is a kinda blog and news reporting this is kinda the simple way but we goign to figure out howw to make it better
Posted on 05 May 2019 by
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