It’s ON!

I have the pleasure to tell you that the website is coming up again.

If you want to know what happen here.

I got Hacked on the main website but since, i got this account of google and work a couple months of grinding my head upon making a website the old fashion way, it will take months and years to fix main problems.

I figure it out, at least the basic point of view, as a professional website programmer or a front programmer, or however is called, will notice that I am a “noob” for computers or rather an amateur for this kind of work, you might be right remember amateur means also that the objective is not that i do it for the money I do it for the enjoyment (as I type this at 3 A.M.).

The reason i make this post is so i can make more things on the website instead that could be a point of confusion or the page is not finish hence amateur as well. But everything aside, this is a post for the future of this website, possibly, hopefully workable and informative of the news revolving this website, furry fandom and community,

News also be announced here about the videos posted, merchandise, and more posting of more posting community or related to, also interests and the most important Furries. Why furries the reason is that I personally I follow this hobby the community has created a fandom, has created itself into artists and entertainers, and most interesting of all accepting what you create from a character as your own world.

So expect more posts and info because here we go.

Please comment, like, subscribe…wait.

Anyhow here is my info if you want to contact me:

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