Fame Exploding

Hey everybody I have great news!

The website will have a new face-lift since my friends and I, we are becoming kind of famous there is one job here and social media post there that got attention.

My friend CoalMintWolf just told me his adventure to be kind of popular Tiktok user since has been some days and is already grabbing companions and making videos are getting noticed and commented on, not only that but getting noticed to know people and online communities alike.

This is not all, I got another friend called S. Wolf or Silver Wolf is doing his name for himself, this is a man, is looking for somebody to help him with various task but his book is in the rise on amazon.com, I cannot recommend enough his book Kinzurdia and series for the future as this article is been written. In the mean time this is huge news and we are looking for talent and publication and popularity to spread the word for the book series and more…

I hope in the future this book can be in more things like a movie or even series of movies is very intense book too, is no for the kids but also not the average reader either since contains not safe for work or also not for kids, it has more mature even i can say is little dark, but interesting none the less

I do want promote this book since is getting reviewed on website people are talking about it, interesting enough the book is even has rumors of celebrities that want to act and start in a role, after all these are rumors, anyhow this is the link for the book if you want on amazon:

Click here for more info. Please check it out the world is about fantasy.

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